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When you use your sofa, armchair and stools it's not impossible to avoid all the spills. As the time goes by, stains, dust and clutter become more and more. You don't have to worry at all, because there is no need to save money for new furniture. There is an easy and cheap alternative - professional upholstery cleaning in London, provided by Your Cleaners Team. It's very efficient and it's provided by our trained upholstery workers. Via professional equipment and proven sanitising techniques, our technicians achieve stunning final results. Upholstery cleaning in London is not a task for beginners and amateurs, so better leave to our professionals. Just imagine how much precious time, money and nerves you will save. While you have a rest or do your favourite activities, our cleaners London will do the disinfecting procedure on site for your convenience. No need to move the heavy furniture.

Don't hesitate to take advantage of our specially tailored upholstery cleaning services. You deserve flawless upholstery. Otherwise your home will look shabby and even ugly. Dirty upholstery becomes a breeding ground of various bacteria, so better take measures on time!

Contact us on 020 3519 8741 and book our super efficient and flexible upholstery cleaning in London and Greater London! Our polite and helpful customer care representatives will comply with your individual requirements and preferences.

Get yourself Steam or Dry upholstery cleaning!

You have to be calm even if you have delicate, antique, natural or hand-knotted upholstery fabrics. Our upholstery cleaning methodology includes two various sanitising techniques depending on the type of the material:

  • Steam upholstery cleaning - for all synthetic fibres, this deep disinfecting method is the best. It's based on injection and immediate extraction of special solution. It contains very hot water and special, eco-friendly detergent. The high pressure helps for loosening of the embedded dirtiness and elimination of all stains. After this cleaning session, a couple of hours are needed for the fabric to dry up completely.
  • Dry upholstery cleaning - entrust us your decorative fabrics and expect wonderful final outcome. Thanks to sprinkling of biodegradable cleaning compound, all the filth is attracted. The chemical reaction is non-hazardous and doesn't involve water or in some cases just a little of moisture. The fabric is protected from structural damage. It's also ready for use right after the upholstery cleaning session.

Even if you can't tell on the phone the type of the material, our employees may judge on site. Trust us and you will be satisfied and really impressed from the results. Don’t postpone the booking of our upholstery cleaning service. Be sure, that you have found the most experienced cleaning company in London!

Call us on 020 3519 8741 and schedule your upholstery cleaning appointment now! Prices are affordable and fair.

Steam Cleaning Prices:

  • A two-seater sofa £25.00
  • A three-seater sofa £37.00

Dry Cleaning Prices:

  • A two-seater sofa £55.00
  • A three-seater sofa £83.00
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